We start with the needs of a soccer player.
What he/she needs?

With our experience and helicopterview we created a different philosophy and methodology. GOALA wants to share acquantaince to the player but also to the coach.
The GOALA philosophy is based on acquiring perfect skills, a great intelligence combined with showing a great personality.



The GOALA methodology is build on juggling, competition, barefoot,  technical skills (passing, dribbling), position games (brain training), ....
Always monitoring what the player needs at the moment.

We believe that educating soccer players is an individual process. Not just by educating a soccer player but also by raising a child to be a modest, polite, ambitious person in balance. GOALA educates players in coorperation with the local soccer community. We learn the players to work together and try to solve problems. On and off the field. With respect for their background, culture and religion. 
The GOALA concept goes back to the basics but always looking to the latest developments in soccer and society.
We implement our knowledge by recruitment. We look further than just the date of birth.               

GOALA selects players to reckon with there level, weight and length (bio banding).
Every player is an individual, unique person who receives the time to develop. 
We narrow down our biases so every child can grow on his/here velocity.